FERLA continue to deliver on their distinctive after-dark pop. Turning the personal into the confessional into the communal, FERLA combine the moments of late-night flirtation and morning-after revelation and distill it into their own sultry mess. 


“It’s like when you make grappa,” says Giuliano, “you get all the leftovers from making the wine; the skins, the seeds, the twigs, all the rubbish; and then you squeeze. You extract every last little morsel of flavour. You wring and you wrench and you screw to the last drop. And what comes out? The purest of the pure. A year distilled. That’s what this album is.” FERLA are offering you a glass of confessional pop. Drink up.

Melbourne after-dark pop darlings FERLA have released their debut album. Titled It’s Personal because it’s personal, the album condenses a tumultuous year of Giuliano Ferla’s life into 39 minutes of music and lyrics. The album was AOTW at Beat Magazine and feature on Edge Radio and 4ZZZ. FERLA has since performed live on Triple R and PBS and played headline shows to adoring crowds in Sydney, Canberra, Wollongong, Castlemaine and Melbourne.

Through confessional lyricism and synth-pop, It’s Personal seeks to turn personal experience into communal release. From discomfiture to levity, the songs take moments of honest self-assessment, and with FERLA’s keen wit and pathos, juice them into song. Late night flirtation, morning after revelation, hot damnation and cold redemption. It’s spicy. It’s juicy. It’s getting drunk at your parent’s house. It’s crying on the toilet after a phone call with an ex. It’s a 3rd century saint who became a pin-cushion full of arrows. It’s all there. And it’s the real deal.